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Why it’s Important to Recycle

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Commercial Scrap Metal Pickup

Does your business have left over scrap metal?

Green-Go Recycling is a one-stop, full service Recycling center. We provide a complete range of recycling services for Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals, Plastics. Our operations include a complete roll off trucks, flat bed,4×4,4×6 and 4X7 metal containers. Our full range of services are designed to meet the recycling needs of commercial, construction and manufacturing companies. Providing great service to our customers has always been our priority which has helped us to grow and remain strong in even the toughest economies.

Fast and Friendly Customer Service

We have two scale stations that will permit you to move in and out of the recycling center quickly

Top Equipment

We also provide transparent metal bins with rollers that permit you to properly sort out your material and get them onto the scale stations smoothly

Top Price for Your Recyclables

We will work with you to offer you the best prices for your recyclables based on current market conditions

Clean Facility

We conduct a detailed cleaning of our facilities daily to ensure that it is free from clutter and trash to ensure a pleasant recycling experience

Roll Off Trucks

Metal Containers

4×4,4×6 and 4X7 metal containers.

Flat Bed Trucks

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Green-Go Recycling is a clean recycling facility that provides convenient and express service to the community of Escondido and the San Diego County. Green-Go Recycling understands that providing superb customer service with a convenient process that allows you to come in and out of our premises is key to our success and key to optimizing your recycling experience. We can service simple in and out CRV bottles and cans or big loads with multiple types of materials, giving our customers the opportunity to sort them before weighing them. Our core values of honesty and transparency along with clean facilities and operation systems ensures that all customers feel welcomed and comfortable when they arrive at our facility.


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